Police Discover Six Military Rifles During Traffic StopA Central Texas man has been charged with having banned weapons after police discovered six military-style assault rifles in his SUV.
Outdoor Show: Fri Dec 12Lots of hunting talk this morning with pro guides from across the country. Fishing has kinda fallen off the last 24 hours but the Captain gets advice from pro fishing guides on what the hot lures are for your tackle box.
Gun Rights Rally To Break Long Alamo Tradition Several hundred gun-rights advocates have converged on the Alamo with rifles and shotguns in a rally that shatters a taboo on public demonstrations on the hallowed ground.
West Texas Man Gets Prison For Gun SmugglingA West Texas man was been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to sell military-style assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels.
Outdoor Show: Sun Sept 22Open Line Fun Sunday with Captain Mickey and Skeeter The Car Doctor! The stories are bigger and better than ever. Bass fishing, hunting, cotton mouth snakes and the latest fishing reports are all part of the show this morning.
Outdoor Show: Thursday Aug 29Captain Mickey gets the holiday weekend kicked off today! Opening weekend of dove season is Sunday. So it's a great time of year in the outdoors - hunting, fishing, football! Some of the best fishing and hunting advice you can find is here with the Captain and the most trusted pro guides in the area.
Outdoor Show: Sat Nov 10Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie get on the line with pros to get you the latest reports on hunting and fishing around the Gulf Coast. Waterfowl, deer, red fish, boats, cleaning fish and how the weather effects it all gets covered this morning.
Outdoors Show: Sunday October 28, 2012
Outdoors Show: Friday, Feb. 17Captain Mickey talks with his friends about a variety of topics including suppressors, fishing lures, and reels.
Outdoors Show: Friday, Dec 16Captain Mickey talks with his friends about a variety of topics including deer hunting, rifle scopes, and bass fishing, and conservation.
Outdoors Show: Friday, Aug. 12Captain Micky talks with his friends about a variety of topics including the effects of the drought on the local waters and what kind of guns to use for hunting Texas White-tail.
The Outdoor Show 2-18-11Captain Mickey gets great fishing reports from expert fishing guides and answers your questions and comments here on The Outdoor Show!

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