Rick Smith

Hammond: How The Texans Turned Their Season AroundTexans-Jets. Teddy Bridgewater. Does JJ Watt like Jadeveon Clowney?
Hammond: The Problem With McNair Denying Texans Power Struggle
Trading Brian Cushing Sends A Bad Message
Hammond: Until Texans Fix Front Office, What Else Matters?
Hammond: Even In Loss To Nuggets, Rockets Potential Is Easy To See
O'Brien: "It's a Partnership" with Rick SmithThe Texans head coach describes what he and the general manager's work relationship is like
Hammond: Don't Think O'Brien Wouldn't Bolt From Texans
Hammond: Time For McNair To Decide What He Wants Texans To Be
Source: Bob McNair Will Have To Choose Between Smith & O’Brien As Rift Grows
Hammond: Hard Knocks Shows, Smith Isn't An O'Brien 'Yes Man'
O'Brien Stresses Unity In Personnel Decisions "We're Not Against Each Other"Bill O'Brien stressed the Texans use a team approach when making roster decisions.
Hammond: Watt Is The NFL's Best Bargain -- Thanks To Texans GM
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