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Woman Drops Off Old Military Explosives To Recycling Site

A woman recycling some items she found on her South Texas property included what turned out to be a piece of old military explosives.


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Houston Fire Dept. Fights Blaze At Recycling Plant

Firefighters are using fire boats, bulldozers and other equipment to battle a blaze at a recycling plant near the Houston Ship Channel.


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Houston Set To Expand Automated Curbside Recycling Program

This week, the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) announced an additional 35,000 households will be added to its automated curbside recycling program.


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Think Green Thursdays: Know Your Aluminum Recycling Facts

We all use aluminum in one form or another. Whether we are enjoying a beverage or using it to house food in our kitchens, aluminum is great for many uses.


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Think Green Thursdays: Recycling Paper Is Important!

Let’s face it: recycling paper can really help our environment and if each of us plays a vital role in the recycling of our paper products, what a perfectly portal of green perfection our earth would be!


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Think Green Thursdays: Helping Kids ‘Think Green’

When it comes to thinking “green”, children can get in on environmental awareness. By practicing “green” habits at a young age can assure environmental awareness when they grow older. Below are ways you can help children “go green” and have fun in the process!


Stop EVERYTHING! Time to make a PBJ

Going Green Gone Bad: Lazy Recycling Lady

I see the recycling lady and take my boxes down to her truck. She says, “can’t do anything now, I’m on my lunch break.”