Race for the Cure

The Susan G. Komen Foundation continues its leadership shakeup with the resignation of its President Nancy Brinker. (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Susan G. Komen President Resigns Amongst Others

The president of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is resigning and founder Nancy Brinker is moving away from its day-to-day management, the nation’s largest breast cancer foundation said Wednesday as fallout from its brief decision to end funding for Planned Parenthood reaches the organization’s highest ranks.


File photo of women participating in a breast cancer awareness race wearing pink t-shirts. (Photo by JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Fewer People Registering For Susan G. Komen Races

Many Komen supporters have abandoned the nation’s largest breast-cancer charity since news emerged in late January that it had decided to stop making grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer-screening. Komen soon reversed that move following a three-day onslaught of criticism.