The Best of The Triple Threat 09-07-17The Best of The Triple Threat, from Thursday 09-07-17
3T - Rob Pizzola of 09-22-16Sean, Rich & Ted talk to Rob Pizzola of about the numbers and odds for the upcoming football action this weekend.
Best Of The Triple Threat 12/11Vikings-Cardinals. Paul Bessire of Coors Light Colts Hard Picks. John McClain.
Prediction 14 Percent Chance Texans Make Playoffs Keenum Is Better Option For Texans
"It's Russell Wilson's Game To Lose"Paul Bessire from Prediction joined MaD Radio to talk about what we should expect from the Super Bowl, how valuable Marshawn Lynch, and if Richard Sherman really is the best corner in the game.
Everything You Need To Know For The Championship GamesPaul Bessire from joined MaD Radio to break down the AFC and NFC championship games this weekend.
Could The Colts Pull Off The Upset?Paul Bessire of Prediction joins MaD Radio to talk about who you should be looking for to pull the upsets this weekend and how much it matters to have home field advantage in the playoffs.
Do The Texans Stand A Chance This Weekend?Paul Bessire from Prediction joined MaD Radio to talk about the Texans chances against the Broncos and what the playoff race is shaping up to be.
Don't Bet The House On The TexansPaul Bessire from joined MaD Radio to discuss what you should expect out of the Texans this weekend, as well as what happens when you simulate the other key NFL games 50,000 times.
Which Teams Have Locked Up Their Playoff Bids?Paul Bessire from joined MaD Radio to discuss the likelihood of the Texans ending their losing streak, as well as a look at the playoff picture.
Texans Win And Cover?Paul Bessire from joins MaD Radio and predicts that the Texans will not only win but cover against the Oakland Raiders, based on one key match up.

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