Pete Prisco

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Prisco: Jaguars Developing Gabbert The Right Way

Pete Prisco of talked about the upcoming Texans/Jaguars game, his thoughts on the AFC South as well as Eagles/Cowboys.


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Prisco: Texans Need To Prove They Can Win The Tough Game On Road

Pete Prisco from talked about the latest stories around the NFL including his thoughts on the Texans, Titans, the collapse of the Colts, Brett Favre and Tony Romo.

SportsRadio 610–10/06/2011

Justin K. Aller

Who Will Rise And Who Will Fall This Year In The NFL

CBSSports writer Pete Prisco talks about the 2011 NFL season projections and the latest on Peyton Manning and David Garrard.

SportsRadio 610–09/08/2011

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Garrard Released From The Jags

Pete Prisco of CBS sports gives us the inside on Garrard’s release.

SportsRadio 610–09/06/2011

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Prisco: “Texans Improved But Need To Go Out And Prove It”

Pete Prisco from discusses the Colts signing Kerry Collins, Chris Johnson’s value, David Garrard vs Blaine Gabbert, Larry Fitzgerald as well as his thoughts on the Texans.

SportsRadio 610–08/25/2011

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Texans Vastly Improved Secondary

Pete Prisco from gives his thoughts on the Texans, Schaub, Leach and Foster as well as his take on Peyton Manning, Randy Moss and the AFC South.

SportsRadio 610–08/02/2011

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Texans Much Better On Defense

The Texans have made multiple improvements to their defense, and NFL critics around the country are noticing.


Divisional Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears

Not Sold On Hasselbeck In Tennessee

Pete Prisco of CBS joins Marc and John to talk about the chaos that is the NFL right now and breaks down the Titan’s signing of Matt Hasselbeck.

SportsRadio 610–07/27/2011

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Mario Is Texans’ Biggest Question Mark

Pete Prisco from talks about the Texans new defense, the lockout and Terrelle Pryor

SportsRadio 610–06/16/2011

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Texans Have A Lot of Work To Do

Pete Prisco talks Texans’ draft needs.

SportsRadio 610–04/12/2011