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Texans - Dolphins: In A NutshellPaul Gallant recaps the Texans' 44 - 26 loss to the Dolphins
Pauly G's Week 2 Power RankingsPaul Gallant ranks the NFL . . . using cheesy '80s songs.
Texans - Saints: In A NutshellPaul Gallant looks back at the Texans 27 - 13 win over the Saints.
Texans - 49ers: In A Nutshell
The Bracket: Most Obnoxious Pickup Basketball PlayersOn this week's B-Straw and Pauly G "The Bracket", Paul and Brien discuss the worst kind of pickup basketball players.
The Houston Rockets & Their 'Mad Men' DoppelgängersWith "Mad Men" officially over, Paul Gallant compares the hit show's characters with the Houston Rockets
Spoiler Alert: The Return Of "Game Of Thrones"In the latest "Spoiler Alert" podcast, Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd break down the "Game of Thrones" season 5 premiere.
"Game Of Thrones" Is ComingPaul Gallant catches you up on what you need to know before Season 5 starts Sunday night
The Rockets Playoff Matchup WishlistWith the NBA playoffs just weeks away, Paul Gallant ranks the best possible first round playoff matchups for the Rockets.
The Texans' "Beer Run" ApproachesIt seems the Texans are done signing free agents. So what should they be looking for in the NFL Draft? Here's Paul Gallant's checklist.
Pauly G's Power Rankings: House Of CardsPaul Gallant's Week 16 NFL Power Rankings feature the hit Netflix show.
Texans - Colts: In A NutshellPaul Gallant recaps the Texans' 17-10 loss to the Colts.
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