Hater-aid: Paul Rants On Old FeudsB-Straw and Pauly G like to end out their show with a nice batch of hater-aid. Tonight Paul ranted on his incident with Ozzie Guillen which lead to a run in with baseball writer Richard Justice at Minute Maid. Paul was reminded of this after being angered by an MLB critical tweet by Richard Justice, whom Paul doesn't follow of course. Basically Paul loathes a lot of things about baseball.
Marlins Reality TV Show And Where Team Stands Right Now
Carlos Lee Starts At 1st Base For Marlins The Marlins acquired Lee from the Houston Astros in a trade on Wednesday.
Ozzie Guillen Cusses Out SR610's Paul Gallant<a href="http://houston.cbslocal.com/personality/paul-gallant/">Paul Gallant</a> is one of our station's newer editions. He's young, eager to learn but doesn't always think before he speaks.
Jennings: Ozzie Guillen A Perfect Fit For MarlinsMarlins Assistant GM Dan Jennings joined Vandermeer & Lopez and they talked about the Marlins and how Ozzie Guillen has done in his first year as manager.
When You Hire Ozzie Guillen You Get EverythingChicago Sun-Times Sports Columnist Rick Morrissey joins MaD Radio. We talk about his book-OZZIE’S SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT: Lessons from the Dugout, the Clubhouse and the Doghouse”. We get his thoughts on Ozzie's latest controversial statements.
Cuban-Born Livan Hernandez Stears Clear Of Guillen-Castro SituationWhen the Cuban-born pitcher was approached with the topic, he did not want to get within 100 miles of this topic.
Ozzies' Feeling The Heat In MiamiCraig Calcaterra shares with us his thoughts on the big Ozzie Guillen debacle.
Domino: Ozzie Guillen Should Be FiredChris Domino from 790 The Zone in Atlanta joined Vandermeer and Lopez and they discussed the latest news concerning Ozzie Guillen, the faltering Braves and his thoughts on Craig Biggio and the Astros clubhouse.

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