outdoors show

Outdoor Show: Fri Oct 9
Outdoor Show: Thurs Oct 8
Outdoor Show: Sun Oct. 4Open Line Fun Sicko Sunday this morning. The phones were ringing and stories were told. Enjoy!
Outdoor Show: Sat Oct. 3Captains Mickey and Benny talk to the hunting and fishing experts throughout the South region.
Outdoor Show: Fri Oct. 2Cooler temperatures are on the way and the expert fishermen are getting pretty excited! Learn what equipment experts use while fishing in saltwater and freshwater during this fall season.
Outdoor Show: Sun Sep 27Open line fun Sunday is here and so is rain. Let's see how it might effect your weekend outdoors. Also, don't miss the video at the bottom of the post.
Outdoor Show: Sat Sep 26
Outdoor Show: Fri Sept 25Bow season begins next week and Captain Mickey talks with guides about the hunting season and plenty of fishing pros too!
The Outdoor Show: Thurs Sept 24Nice call from Captain Mickey's nephew PGA pro Shawn Stefani to talk golf and fishing. Plus your reports for the Gulf and the area lakes.
Outdoor Show: Sun Sept 20Open line fun Sunday is here. We get a terrific call from the Mojo Man and plenty of your questions answered about hunting and fishing and boating a more.
Outdoor Show: Sat Sept 19Get the info you need on lures, duck decoys, bait and the conditions on the area lakes and in the bay. It's all good in the outdoors.
Outdoor Show: Fri Sept 18Pro outfitters are in the mix again this morning. Get the details on duck hunting this weekend. Plus plenty of fishing reports from area lakes and the Gulf. Captain Mickey talks wade fishing and trailer inspections.