Ten Commandments Monument

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Ten Commandments Monument Must Be Removed From State Capitol

Oklahoma’s Supreme Court says the Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol must be removed because it indirectly benefits the Jewish and Christian faiths in violation of the state’s constitution.


climate change

Obama: Texas Storms A Reminder To Prepare For Disasters

After visiting the National Hurricane Center in Miami, President Obama promised the federal government will work to help Texans displaced by flooding.


The different flavor of Ice cream are pictured at a ice cream shop. (credit: AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images)

Blue Bell Suspends Operations At Oklahoma Ice Cream Plant

Blue Bell Ice Cream announced Friday that it has suspended operations at an Oklahoma production facility that officials had previously connected to a foodborne illness linked to the deaths of three people.


Booking photo of Valerie Zoski. (credit: McClain County Sheriff's Department)

Couple Accused Of ‘Crashing’ Funerals

An Oklahoma couple has been arrested on charges of “crashing” funerals over the weekend.


Tornado Damage

Tornadoes Rip Through Oklahoma, Killing 1

The first batch of severe weather in this year’s tornado season has devastated an Oklahoma mobile home park, and storms across the area damaged buildings, tore off roofs and left debris strewn across roads.


Snow Storm Driving

Winter Storm Could Pelt Oklahoma, Arkansas With Snow, Ice

A winter storm possibly packing snow, sleet and ice could pelt parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas beginning this weekend.


File photo of woman getting a sonogram. (credit: GENT SHKULLAKU/AFP/Getty Images)

Bill To Ban Some Abortions In Oklahoma Clears Panel

OKLAHOMA CITY (CBS HOUSTON/AP) — Doctors who perform certain types of abortions in Oklahoma would face up to two years in prison under a bill that has cleared a House committee. The House Public Health […]


violent sex offenders

Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Chemical Castration Of Violent Sex Offenders

Legislation would allow violent sex offenders reduced prison time if they agree to undergo chemical castration.


online sales police stations

Sheriff’s Department Allows Craigslist Buyers And Sellers To Meet At Station

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is setting aside safe places for people to meet and complete online transactions through sites such as Craigslist.


Humane Society of US Wayne Pacelle (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Humane Society Sues Oklahoma Over Alleged Harassment

The Humane Society of the United States is suing the state of Oklahoma after claims that the state’s Attorney General harassed them to further his political career.