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Nursing Shortage In Houston Provides Growing Number Of Opportunities

Houston’s Texas Medical Center will host many more nurses in the coming years.


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An Education In Nursing Helps A Houstonian Become A Business Owner

Home medical care is a successful venture for this Houston nurse.


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Houston Nurse Uses Education To Help Other Nurses Find Their Career Paths

Carmen Kosicek discusses her role as a nursing career coach and how a degree in this field opens many doors of opportunity.


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A Houston Nurse Brings Individual Attention To Elderly Care

As the local population ages, healthcare professionals who are trained specifically on issues regarding the elderly are in high demand.


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Nursing Education Helps Houstonian Start Health Care Franchise

Penny Warner talks about her health care experience and how it helped her get to where she is today.



High-Quality Education Ensures High-Quality Healthcare In Houston

Nurse manager Miriam Gibson discusses how her nursing degree has helped her become a healthcare leader.


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Nursing Education Spurs Houstonian Into Giving Back To Community

Joan Edwards talks about her nursing background and how it brought her to teaching at a nursing school.


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Nursing Degree Allows Health Director In Houston To Better People’s Lives

Children’s Hospital Leader Shannon Holland describes a career in nursing as both rewarding and the opportunity of a lifetime.


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Cancer Nurse Shares Rewards Of Education & Career In Houston

Elizabeth Sorensen helps cancer patients manage treatment at the top-ranked cancer hospital in the country.


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Nursing Degree In Houston Provides Wide Range Of Career Opportunities

Kim Killen shares her diverse experiences as an audit and compliance nurse in Houston.




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