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Nick and Lopez

Stat Boy w/a fatal flaw in his analysis. Plus Kenny Smith, Marc Vandermeer & was Seth Payne born under power lines?

600- Let’s debate this, Lopez… Because I don’t think you NEED to protect these guys from themselves and I think you have to ask yourself what one or two NBA contracts can do for […]


In-depth look at NFL’s available F.A.s & Signing Day hits/misses. Plus Rep. Lucio on radical football & A&M-UT bills. And McClain!

600- Did you guys hear this lunatic Merrill Hoge said on ESPN yesterday? Evidently Kordell Stewart said the same thing… What is going on in the world?!? 615- HEADLINES… WHERE ARE THE LOCAL SCHOOLS […]


Second-guessing already? Yeah. Greatest Houston NFL wins. Plus Mike Florio & Boomer Esiason.

600- If they lose… We will be second guessing… Rick Smith for re-signing Matt Schaub before the season?… Gary Kubiak for not getting the team ready for that Vikings game?… Matt Slauson for cutting Brian […]


Media potlicking? Yup. Patriots not so unbeatable. Plus, The General and Gif Neilsen.

600- Best of Andy Gresh on with Mike and Brad… Andy’s take was essentially that the Texans won’t win because they couldn’t beat the Patriots during the regular season… Also, he argued the Pats defense […]


A dozen QBs you’d prefer over Schaub? Plus Texans audio galore… and the General

600- Texans injury update as Sharpton is done for the year… How much of this defense’s struggles can you pin squarely on the linebacking corps? Is the Cushing injury + Barwin/Reed/Mercilus ineffectiveness the real issue […]


Division Champs Monday: J.J. on J.J., two segments w/ Schaub, Vandy and the General

600- Texans clinch the South… With one more win they clinch the #1 seed… And the true stars of this team stepped up… Andre was a monster. Arian had his best game of the year. […]


A Connecticut state trooper tries to console a young student at Sandy Hook Elementary. (credit: Getty Images)

A Gun Owner’s Clear Correlation: Keep Semi-Automatic Weapons Legal, Keep Seeing Children Die

By John P. Lopez I am a gun owner. I am an avid hunter. I have a weapon in my home for protection. I support — for the most part — the Second Amendment. But […]


Texans lose… just a dream? Mike Florio, Boomer, None Of You Biz and “cornball” stupidity

600- I had a dream the Texans lost… I bring this up only because a loss would result in this city going on DEFCON 5 right? 615- HEADLINES 630- TOP 3… 645- NFL games this […]


In-depth Texans audio. Goodell as All-Time QB? Doc First and Teddy Three Rings.

600- Will the Texans get the #1 seed?… Also, JJ Watt leading Pro Bowl voting… so that’s cool, I suppose. 615- HEADLINES 630- TOP 3… Can the KC Star layoff story inspire the top 3? […]





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