New England Patriots

CBS Sports' Dan Fouts: Colts Certainly Have A Plan For Watt Thursday NightFormer NFL quarterback Dan Fouts is now an analyst for CBS Sports and took some time to discuss three huge games that are coming up this weekend and their impact on the season.
Former Bills & Redskins Coach Steve Jackson: Headsets Always Went Out In New England During Hurry Up Offense
Is Hoyer The Quarterback To Get The Texans Back To The Postseason?The Houston Texans posted a solid 9-7 record last year, but it wasn't enough for the team's third postseason berth in four seasons. Now, with a new quarterback at the helm, the Texans look to return to the heights of 2011 and 2012 when they posted a 22-10 record and made the playoffs twice.
Hoyer Wants To Follow Example Set For Him By Tom Brady
Harlan: Texans Providing A Blueprint For SuccessKevin Harlan from CBS Sports joined Mad Radio and they discussed the upcoming game between the Texans and Chiefs, his thoughts on Hard Knocks as well as the Patriots/Steelers on Thursday and how will Tom Brady look.
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VIDEO: Kraft Backed Down Because NFL Owners Back Goodell
Bedard: Kraft Didn't Back Down As Part Of Deal For Brady
Keidel: From Deflate To CheckmateThe NFL hammered Tom Brady for his role in "DeflateGate" for good reason. We can't have the best players in America's favorite sport toying with the rules.