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Pluto Gets Its Close-Up; NASA Spacecraft Makes Historic Flyby

New Horizons was straight on course for the historic encounter with Pluto, sweeping within 7,800 miles of the dwarf planet at 31,000 mph.


NASA (Photo by Jim Watson/Getty Images)

NASA Chief: Alien Life Contact Possible By 2025

During a panel discussion discussing water sources in the universe, NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan stated that she believes humans could come in contact with the first iterations of alien life by the year 2025.



NASA Releases Video Showing Driverless Car

NASA has released video of their driverless car in development at the Johnson Space Center this week, with the Modular Robotic Vehicle emulating some of the space agency’s self-driving rovers already in use.


2016 President Campaign Hopeful Ted Cruz (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Ted Cruz Climate Change Comments Make Him ‘Unfit’ For Presidency

It’s no surprise that many right wing conservatives have questioned the validity of climate change, and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s position is no different.


Jupiter and its moons (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

NASA: Solar System’s Biggest Moon May Have More Water Than All Of Earth

The largest moon in the solar system harbors a salty ocean beneath its icy shell, the latest member to join a growing club of watery moons, NASA said Thursday.


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Astronaut Honored By President Obama During State Of The Union

Scott Kelly will blast off in March for a year-long mission aboard the International Space Station. Doctors will compare his physiology to that of his twin brother, astronaut Mark Kelly, who will remain on Earth.


Photo by NASA/Liaison

The People Who Took Us To The Moon

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the 1969 landing on the moon and the realization of President Kennedy’s dream.


Shuttle Commander Steve Nagel waves after returning from a mission in the Colombia on April 26, 1993.  (File photo: BOB PEARSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Astronaut Steven Nagel Dies

Nagel flew four space shuttle missions and retired from NASA in 2011. He was 67.


(L-R) West German Payload Specialist Ernst Messerchmid, October 27, 1985, and his crewmates on the Space Shuttle Challeger STS-61A mission Pilot Steven Nagel (waving), Payload Specialist Wubbo Ockels, ESA from Netherlands, Commander Henry Hartsfield, Payload Specialist Reinhard Furrer from West Germany and Guion S. Bluford, mission specialist, en route for lunch pad on October 27, 1985 before taking off on October 30. STS-61-A was the 22nd Space Shuttle mission. It was a scientific Spacelab mission funded and controlled by West Germany and carried German Spacelab D-1. It was also the last successful mission of the Space Shuttle Challenger. STS-61-A holds the record for the largest crew, eight people, aboard any single spacecraft for the entire period from launch to landing. The Space Shuttle mission carried the NASA/ESA Spacelab module with 76 experiments, and was declared a success. Payload operations were controlled from the German Space Operations Center in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany instead of the regular NASA centers. AFP PHOTO JOHATHAN UTZ (Photo credit: JONATHAN UTZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Astronaut Hank Hartsfield Dies At 80

Former astronaut Henry “Hank” Hartsfield, who logged 483 hours during three trips into space and commanded two shuttle missions, has died.


Astronaut Alan Bean with a container of lunar soil collected during the Apollo 12 mission. (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Astronaut’s Scissors Fetch $100,000 At Auction

Scissors used by astronaut Alan Bean when he walked on the moon sold for $100,000 at an auction of space gear.