Keidel: The NFL, 'N' Word, And CensorshipThe NFL is considering a heavy tax on it, citing the fact that the gridiron is a workplace, and thus they can control the language and lexicon of its players. It's probably the most delicate and toxic topic we'll ever discuss in sports.
Teacher Accused Of Calling Students 'N' Word On First Day Of SchoolA teacher is accused of calling students the “N” word during class on the first day of school.
Dr. Harry Edwards Breaks Down The 'N Word', Riley Cooper SituationDr. Harry Edwards joined The Fred & Ted Show to talk about the use of the N word, the Riley Cooper situation, Roger Goodell's reaction, Paula Dean, and more.
Houston Middle School Principal Calls Student 'N-Word'A middle school principal is apologizing for calling a student the N-word in the school's cafeteria.
Who Is Allowed To Use The "N" Word?Michael Smerconish (Mon-Fri 11am-2pm on Talk 650) questions if it's appropriate for anyone to use the "N" word in light of an incident that occurred on a recent episode of the TV show "The View."

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