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A Gift From A “Super Agent” For Steelers Stupidity

The Odd Couple get’s an agents take on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ recent issues.

SportsRadio 610–07/14/2011

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Clemens: KPRC Local 2 Legal Analyst Live In Studio

The “razor sharp” legal mind of Brian Wice is put to the test by The Odd Couple.

SportsRadio 610–07/14/2011

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Kalu: Show Me the Money!

N.D. Kalu: Is it possible to take dollar amounts out of the equation to form an opinion about which side of the NFL’s CBA saga has the most valid argument?


Lopez & Kalu with Randy Mac on Channel 2

N.D. Kalu and I got a chance to sit with one of the real good guys in our game, Randy McIlvoy, on Channel 2’s Sports Sunday. Fire Frank Buuuuuusssh? Yeah, that came up.


HCCTV Presents 'Radio Faces' with McClain, Kalu and Warner

Get an inside look at pro football from SportsRadio 610 experts John McClain, N.D. Kalu and Barry Warner on the new HCCTV series Radio Faces.