HISD Fights State For Funding

HISD joins other school districts in lawsuit to challenge how funds will be distributed.

CBS Houston–10/24/2011


NFISD Students Expelled and Charged For Weapon

North Forest Independent School District’s growing safety concerns are one more reason to add to the Texas Education Agency’s list of reasons to merge the district with Houston Independent School District.

CBS Houston–10/13/2011

Wildfire In Possum Kingdom Area Of Texas Continues To Burn

Magnolia ISD Responds To Threat Of Wildfire

As wildfires loom, Magnolia ISD has started taking measures to help the community and keep their students safe.

CBS Houston–09/06/2011

(credit: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)

How To Train Children To Behave With Pets

Families with children do not come pre-programmed to handle a new canine addition. Parents must train their children how to navigate a dog’s moods, body language and daily care.

CBS Houston–08/10/2011

Galveston County (credit: KRIV-TV)

All-Clear Given Outside Galveston Federal Building

A Houston bomb squad was called to Galveston on Monday morning where a suspicious object was found outside a federal building. An all-clear was given around 10:15 a.m.



Children Can Be Removed For Obesity

Physical abuse or obvious neglect aren’t the only signs of poor parenting. Texas law considers obesity as a form of neglect.

CBS Houston–07/14/2011

(credit: Dave Einsel/Getty Images)

Neighborhoods Paying For Extra Protection

A new constable program offers more protective the buyers in Houston neighborhoods.

CBS Houston–07/11/2011


TSA Agents Can Pat Down Your Children

Before you fly with your family, you might want to give consideration to TSA’s child pat-down procedures and the effect it can have on your child’s well being.

CBS Houston–06/30/2011


Police: Headless Body In FIfth Ward Was Shot To Death

Homicide investigators with the Houston Police Department say a man was shot to death before his body was dismembered.