Monday Night Football

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Meltsdown: Texans Week OneThe Texans won in spectacular fashion so what is Mike MaD about? The game started too late? He didn't like something that happened before the game even started?
Texans Complete 21 Point Comeback; Beat The Chargers 31-28An offseason of high expectations and optimism was quickly put in check Monday night in San Diego.
GameDay Central: Texans At Chargers Gameday Central will keep you up to date with everything you need to know before, during, and after the Texans season opener.
Texans vs Chargers On MNFJosh Lewin joins MaD Radio to discuss what should the Texans expect from the Chargers? Is Phillip Rivers the right guy for the Chargers? Can they find a way to stop JJ Watt (hint the answer starts with an "n")?