Know Your Rookies: Dennis Johnson [VIDEO]
Know Your Rookies: Cierre Wood
Texans v. Vikings Kubiak Press Conference
Kubiak Addresses Addition of Mays, Play of Keenum [VIDEO]
Video Board At Reliant Nearing CompletionThe folks over on Kirby Street in Houston are hard at work to have the all new video board at Reliant Stadium up and functional for the first preseason game that takes place on August the 17th.
Louisiana Parish Approves Resolution Banning Patrons From Wearing PajamasCaddo Parish commissioners have voted 8-3 for a resolution encouraging businesses to adopt dress codes that would prohibit patrons from wearing pajamas.
Texans Sandwich Themselves In Amongst The NFL's Best D's
The Texans Future Is Here And It's Spelled F-O-S-T-E-RMost fans could look back through the past decade and begin rattling off name after name of flash-in-the-pan running backs who started strong.
Brian Cushing: A Man Possessed
Andre Johnson Is Looking To Be Out For Only Two Weeks
How Will The Texans Fill The "Johnson" Void?
Foster, Walter Sighting On Practice FieldDuring the first practice of the week, on Wednesday, two familiar faces returned to the Texans practice field at the Methodist Training Center.

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