Penn State Sexual Abuse Nightmare ContinuesMichael Smerconish talk to Sara Ganim of the Patriot News about the breaking news in Happy Valley about Jerry Sandusky's child abuse cases and to what extent Hall of Fame coach Joe Paterno was involved.
Professor Jeffrey Sachs: The Rich Control Too Much Of The Economy
Obama: American Economy Most Dynamic In WorldThe President of the United States Barack Obama joins The Michael Smerconish Show on Talk 650.
President Obama To Be On Talk 650 FridayPresident Barack Obama will join Michael Smerconish during his show on Talk 650 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Smerconish and Ridge on Homeland SecurityFormer Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge joins Michael on the program. They discuss the nation's safety and the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.
Teacher Wins Case Over Anti-Christian RemarksMichael Smerconish talks with high school teacher Dr. James Corbett who was recently sued for making negative remarks regarding Creationism during one of his lectures.
Cheap Shots Against BachmannSmerconish shares some wisdom regarding some of the recent events surrounding presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and what he considers to be cheap shots and fair issues.
Enhanced Airport Screening Starts TodayTalk 650 Midday host Michael Smerconish talks about his experience on Israel's EL AL airlines. They don't look for bombs - they look for terrorists. Is his take on the travel security correct?
Debt Crisis Will Affect Presidential ElectionThe debt crisis has been a major source of political feud. Callers to the Micheal Smerconish show say this problem will impact the 2012 Presidential election.
Understanding How The Jury System Can FailAvery Friedman uses examples to explain why the jury system isn't flawless.
Who's To Blame For This Debt Crisis?Who's to blame for the debt ceiling crisis making Washington seem more like kids in the back seat on a long family vacation than members of Congress? Michael Smerconish asks...

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