Study: Men Prefer Curvy Women Due To EvolutionMen prefer curvy women, a new study finds.
Study: Men With Sperm Defects Have Higher Risk of Dying PrematurelyIn the study, young and middle-aged men who had sperm defects such as low sperm count were two times more likely to die prematurely.
Study: Chemicals In Soaps, Toys, Sunscreens May Inhibit SpermThey're chemicals found in everyday products — but new research says they may have a harmful effect on fertility.
Study: Women Want To Date Taller MenAccording to a recent study, size does matter – as in height. Women do prefer tall men.
Miss Ranks 'Studs' Of SportsRadio 610! Miss CougarLife Marlo Brandon ranks the men of SportsRadio 610 on the J&R Show.
Three Things We Love, Hate Most About Opposite SexA new survey by eHarmony found the three things men and women like and hate most about each other.
Study Reveals Women More Prone To Road Rage Than MenA new study by Harris Interactive of over 3,800 commuters reveals woman experience more road rage than men.
Do Men Have Just Two Feelings? Women Sure Don'tMen face the stereotype of being out of tune with feelings, incapable of understanding emotion, unlikely to see beyond the surface and too rugged for gentle touch.
Shaun Cody Is Distracted By Naked Men
More Families Homeless As Unemployment Continues"A third of all families with children (13.4 million families) have incomes less than twice the federal poverty line. " -
Why Men Shouldn't Write Advice ColumnsIf this is real, it's an excellent example of how men and women think differently.
Wife's Diary Vs. Husband's DiaryWomen over-analyze everything to death, and it seems men are incapable of forming complex thoughts.

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