Marijuana Advocate Claims She Was Kicked Out Of Church For Her HabitFaith Bodle asserts she was asked to leave her church after appearing on local television to support the medical use of cannabis.
Study: No Link Between Marijuana Legalization And Rise In Crime
Wendy Davis Says She Supports Medical Marijuana Democratic candidate for Texas governor Wendy Davis said Tuesday that she supports the use of medical marijuana and would consider decriminalizing possession of small amounts of the substance.
Keidel: NFL Mansions And ExpansionsForever high on hubris, the sport is pondering extra games, playoff teams, and new franchises, perhaps in London or Los Angeles. And it feels like all are in the name of profit, not principle.
Texas Family 'Forced' To Colorado Seeking Marijuana Treatment For 3-Year-Old A Texas family feels they are “being forced to leave” their home state in order to seek medical marijuana treatment for their 3-year-old daughter afflicted with a severe form of epilepsy – treatment legal in the state of Colorado, but not in Texas.

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