Rockets Set To Begin Camp With Point Guard Battle
Dhani Jones Talks Playing Against Ted Johnson in the Super Bowl
Brien Chats With Brandon Bolden At Media DayBrien Straw from the B-Straw & Pauly G Show talked to Patriots Running Back Brandon Bolden at Media Day at Radio Row in Phoenix.
Brien Chats With Michelle Tafoya At Media DayBrien of the B-Straw & Pauly G Show was able to talk to sideline reporter Michele Tafoya for a few minutes to give her take on the Super Bowl match up and wagered how much they would talk about the inflation of the footballs in the game broadcast.
Brien Catches Up With Jimmy Garoppolo At Media DayThe B-Straw & Pauly G Show caught up with Jimmy Garoppolo at Media Day in Phoenix and talked to him about his role as a backup quarterback and learning under Tom Brady.
Beyonce To Face Media For First Time Since Lip-Synching National AnthemBeyonce is expected to face the media Thursday as she previews her halftime performance at the Super Bowl. But the focus will likely be on her performance at that other big event earlier this month.
Day 2 in Dallas, Freezing Rain and Media Day
Radio Row Day 1, Complete with a Protest

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