Matt Murphy

Heath: Fans Have To Give Rice A Lot Of Respect
Herman: This Was A Big Time Pull, Through Win For Us
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Joins ADB & Murph
Kurt Helin Says The Rockets Won't Re-Sign Jason Terry
Matt Moore, "David Blatt Is Having An Amazing Impact In The Finals"
Tania Ganguli Talks Derek Newton Deal, Potential Texans Moves
Kurt Helin Believes Terrence Jones Gives The Rockets More Flexibility
Phil Perry Says "Cheater" Tag Has Become A Rallying Cry For Patriots
The Best Of The Worst Of 'In The Loop'
Florio: Texans In A Tough Spot With Mallett
Wade Phillips: Playing Time For Tom Savage?
Should JJ Watt Move To An Outside Linebacker?One of the best minds in the media, Gregg Cosell, joins Matt and Matt to talk about where the Texans would get the most bang for their buck with Watt, how polished Clowney is right now, and if Mercilus is a bust or not.
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