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Mad Takes 11-27-2015Cody and Matt talk about the trouble Johnny Manziel finds himself in, and get into Jahlil Okafor's punch.
Irvin: You're Crazy if You Doubt the PanthersMichael Irvin joined MaD Radio with Cody Stoots and Matt Murphy filling in. They discussed the impact of Romo's injury last night, got into how Cam Newton has matured as a quarterback, and talked about the Eagles quarterback problem.
Mad Radio Screw Em 11-25-2015Mike and Seth Talk sound off on the people who have ticked them off.
Mad Radio MeltsDown 11-25-2015Mike and Seth Talk about the mess the Cleveland Browns have become, how bad their owner is and how Johnny Manziel caused a fan to cry on the radio.
Mad Radio Talks to Darren McKee From 104-3 the Fan in DenverMike and Seth Talk to Darren McKee about Ty Lawson having a terrible start, Rahim Moore getting benched in Houston and the Peyton Manning situation.
Mad Radio Mad Takes 11-25-2015Mike and Seth Talk about the injury to Marshawn Lynch, the Michigan grave walk and the Rockets awful start.
Mad Radio on Chron Commenters 11-24-2015Mike and Seth Talk about the Chron commentators that for some odd reason are in love with T.J. Yates over Brian Hoyer. They do realize that Yates completed less than 50 percent and blew a TD pass to Hopkins in the first quarter.
Mad Radio Discusses the Level of Play in the NFLMike and Seth Talk about the perceived idea that somehow the level of play in the NFL is down this year. Have we been spoiled by too many shootouts?
Mad Radio MeltsDown 11-24-2015Mike and Seth Talk about Johnny Manziel partying in a bar during a bye week, Peyton Manning being unhappy about not playing and whether or not he'll come back next season and an interesting promo Eddie George did for a Titans/Jaguars game.
John McClain with Mad Radio 11-24-2015Mike and Seth Talk to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle about the Texans' offense, the potential Clowney/Watt feud and much more!
Mad Radio Mad Takes 11-24-2015Mike and Seth Talk about the Peyton Manning/Osweiler situation, Johnny Manziel partying again, a Games of Thrones promo and where Houston traffic ranks among the worst in the nation.
Stock Up, Stock Down 11-23-2015Mike and Seth Talk about the job security of Les Miles, the amazing play of the Golden State Warriors, the Houston Cougars loss to UCONN, and the play of Brock Osweiler and what it means for Peyton Manning.
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