Best of Mad Radio 12-14-17
The Best Of Mad Radio 12-13Today on Mad Radio: 10 people that should be booed in Houston, Jalen Ramsey's respect for Hopkins, the rumor that won't go away, John McClain on why Bill O'Brien is being asked about his job, ask McClain anything and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 12-12Today on Mad Radio: Are O'Brien's days in Houston numbered? Are people thirsty for takes about concussions, AJB and Jalen Ramsey speak, TrainWreck Tuesday, Dallas Keuchel's exit plan, LeBron to Houston and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 12-11Today on Mad Radio: Did the Texans mishandle Tom Savage after his concussion? Should TJ Yates start the remainder of the season? A wild weekend in the NFL, the Yankees acquire the best power hitter in the game and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 12-8Today on Mad Radio: Is the best offensive mind in football coming to town Sunday? Did the 49ers get a better deal for their hopeful franchise QB than the Texans did with theirs? Worst Take Of The Week, Wade Smith in studio, strange Mike Vrabel dialogue, the Rockets are damn good, Stuff Landry Likes and a lot more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 12-7Today on Mad Radio: Passionate discussion and reaction to Brian Cushing's comments, a worthy cause by SportsRadio 610, getting to know the trust fund baby shot-caller for the 49ers, stuff we didn't know about MVP Jose Altuve and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 12-6Today on Mad Radio: Five new things we learned about JJ Watt, Seth's list, non-sexual things you have to keep from your significant other, John McClain and Seth go at it about Bill O'Brien, ask McClain anything and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 11-27Today on Mad Radio: Getting ready for Monday Night Football for the Texans, college football chaos, the dangers of the internet mafia and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 11-22Today on Mad Radio: The return of Cushing, Texans game for the next six weeks, the home debut of CP3, John McClain and Ask Him Anything, Sumlin's era is done and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 11-21Today on Mad Radio: The Texans were one play away from being tied for the AFC Wild Card, which is outrageous. Bad quarterback and managerial decisions around the league, TrainWreck Tuesday, Andre Johnson with Mike and Seth and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 11-20Today on Mad Radio: Reactions to the Texans win, expectations moving forward, Rick Smith booed symbolism, Clowney continues to dominate, a discovery about Vrabel and more.
The Best Of Mad Radio 11-17Today on Mad Radio: Will the Texans show up on Andre Day? Worst Take Of The Week, Clowney on Peterson, the one QB Gruden hates, CP3 is back, Altuve is MVP and more.

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