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Outdoor Show: Sun May 25

Memorial Day Weekend means a lot of extra boats, swimmers, skiers, folks fishing and perhaps a few brews. Make sure you are safe on the water. Wear your PFD and get a DD for your boat and your truck ride home. Open Line Fun Sunday gives us lots of insight into the weekend outdoors!

SportsRadio 610–05/25/2014

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Outdoor Show: Fri May 23

The CCA Star Tournament begins this weekend. A big fish will win you some big stuff. But you have to be entered to win. Captain Mickey tells you where to enter and the pro guides he calls this morning tell you where and how!

SportsRadio 610–05/23/2014

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Outdoor Show: Fri May 16

Lake levels are up and that changes the way the fish bite. Captain Mickey gets the latest from the fresh water guides in the area. to make sure you get the most from your lake adventure this weekend. The reports this morning from the pros both fresh and saltwater on the preferred rod handles, lures, colors and honey holes!!

SportsRadio 610–05/16/2014

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Outdoor Show: Thurs May 15

Not a very good week for fishing so far. Captain Mickey gets the latest from fresh and saltwater guides from around the region to see if your weekend fishing gets better.

SportsRadio 610–05/15/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sun May 11

Happy Mother’s Day from Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie. Open Line Fun Sunday is how we’ll celebrate with all the early morning sickos and the Mom’s who like to hunt and fish. Let’s talk boat wakes, crazy ants, pulling the trigger and live vs plastic bait.

SportsRadio 610–05/11/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sat May 10

Fishing superstitions and bananas in the boat. You learn a lot on the Outdoor Show with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie and the early morning sickos. Find out about bait, lures, wade fishing and the weekend weather here.

SportsRadio 610–05/10/2014

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Outdoor Show: Thurs May 1

Another weekend is on the way. Another chance for you to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Goin’ fishin’? Good. Then get the latest fishing reports from around the region from the pros Captain Mickey trusts.

SportsRadio 610–05/01/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sun April 27

Open line fun Sunday brings out the Early Morning Sickos! Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie take your calls on anything outdoor related. From baits to trailer tires to braided line and snakes there’s plenty of information and tall tales.

SportsRadio 610–04/27/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sat April 26

There’s fish out there but they are getting some help from Mother Nature to not make it to your live well. The Captains and their pro guides try to help you fool Mother Nature and get your limits. Plus, it’s wade fishing time and the Captains have lots of great advice on waders.

SportsRadio 610–04/26/2014

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Outdoor Show: Fri April 25

If you’ve caught a fish you want to have mounted as a trophy you need to know how to preserve it until you get it to the taxidermist. Captain Mickey tells you this morning and discusses the dead fish in Lake Conroe and so much more! Listen to the pros and their reports here.

SportsRadio 610–04/25/2014




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