The Best Of 'In The Loop' Featuring @McClain_on_NFLMissed today's show? Then listen to the podcast.
Barwin: 'Andre's Comments Surprised Me'Former Texan's LB Connor Barwin joins In The Loop.
Do The Rockets Have A Deal For AsikKurt Helin of joins J&R. With the NBA trade deadline just around the corner Kurt joins the show to talk about potential deals for the Rockets.
J&R Loves Them Jungle PeopleRich just happened to hear The Outdoor Show talk about Tarzan. So we had fun with it. The <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a> way.
JJ Watt Is One High Jumper! [VIDEO] Ugh! So now JJ Watt can jump really high too?
Mannix: 'Dwight Howard Isn't A Closer'Basketball writer for Sports Illustrated Chris Mannix joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. He gave his opinions on Dwight Howard and the rumors that Boston may be trading Rondo.
Josh Makes His CaseJosh was killed for saying that the James Hardin trade was a fortunate one for the Rockets. He lets Daryl Morey help him make his case on <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>.
JVG: 'Howard Deserves More Credit Than Given'Former NBA coach, and current ESPN analyst, Jeff Van Gundy joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>. </a>Jeff joins the show to talk about the Rockets signing Dwight Howard.
Berger Thinks Lakers Can Build Next Super GroupKen Berger of joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. Ken joins us to talk about Dwight Howard and NBA free agency.
Hayes: 'Howard Could Destroy The Rockets'Basketball Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. Elvin played on the last NBA team to win a game 7 on the road.
Spurs Are Stretching The Heat OutNBA analyst for 21 years and friend of the show Gerry V joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. Gerry Vaillancourt joins the show to talk about the NBA Finals.
Bar Rescues Jon Taffer Is A Real SweetheartThe host of Spike TVs Bar Rescue ,Jon Taffer, joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>. </a>Jon talks about how he turns failed bars and clubs around.

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