Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Nov 10Home repair, home improvement and your basic honey do! Tom Tynan covers all this and more each weekend on the Home Show at Sports Radio 610. Tom answers all your questions on home issues.
Before The Fall Ends, Prep Your Home For WinterUse the fall to take preventative steps to ensure your house will weather the winter.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Sept 22Rusty water, dryer vents, crazy ants, air conditioners and so many home improvement topics come up each week. Tom Tynan tackles questions and concerns on all of these and more.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sun March 11Sunday mornings Tom Tynan starts with an hour of advice from some of his favorite pros around the area. Then for two hours Houston's favorite home repairman answers your questions from shingles to hot water heaters to all these leaks we are discovering in our homes with this rain!
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Jan 21No one can figure out how to get super glue off the cabinets. But Tom Tynan listeners suggested hobby shops may have the answer. Houston's favorite home repair guru tackles this problem and plumbing and hot water heaters and stove vents and maybe your home repair issue!
Home Show With Tom Tynan: Oct. 2Tom Tynan discusses a range of topics with callers including foundation repairs, home renovations, and leaks.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: May 1Tom Tynan hits on several topics including roofing, generators, maintenance for old houses, foundation problems, and air conditioning.

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