The Best of Nate and Creight 07-03-2016The Best of Nate and Creight from Sunday 07-03-2016
Helin: Rockets Can Still Be Top Five SeedKurt Helin from joined Matt Murphy and Patrick Creighton here on Sports Radio 610 to talk about the Houston Rockets early season struggles, the down year in the Western Conference and James Harden not playing like last year's James Harden.
Road Trip: Kurt Helin "The Rockets Are 2nd Tier Team"
Kurt Helin Says The Rockets Won't Re-Sign Jason Terry
Kurt Helin: Amare Stoudemire Is "Going To Have Options"
Kurt Helin Believes Terrence Jones Gives The Rockets More Flexibility
Helin: NBA Players Don't Take Dwight Howard Seriously
Kurt Helin: 'It's Going To Be Next To Impossible To Get Bosh Out Of Miami'Kurt Helin, from, joins In The Loop.
Kurt Helin Talks Rockets And Looks Around the NBAKurt Helin, pro basketball talk, joined Ted Johnson and Patrick Creighton to discuss how the Rockets are doing currently. He talked about some of the teams who are big competition for the Rockets around the NBA. Helin also gave a look at what's going on around the league.
Rocket Power
Helin: 'Howard's Motivation Hard To Pinpoint'Kurt Helin of joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. Kurt stops by to talk about NBA free agency. He doesn't like the idea of Houston go after Josh Smith.
Rockets: Draft, Trades, And Dwight HowardWith the 2013 NBA Draft just hours away, the Rockets have a limited amount of time to trade their way into the first round.

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