A bottle was thrown by a Katy art teacher at her 13-year-old student, causing the student to get six staples to close a gash on her head. (credit: Marianne Todd/Getty Images)

Teacher Fired After Allegedly Throwing Bottle At Student

Katy art teacher has been accused of throwing a bottle in her own classroom at a student, resulting in the female student requiring six staples to close a five-centimeter gash.


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KHOU To Replace Oprah With 4 p.m. Newscast

Beginning on Aug. 1 KHOU (Channel 11) will add a 30-minute newscat at 4 p.m. to replace the ending Oprah Winfrey show. Both KPRC (Channel 2) and KTRK (Channel 13) already have 4 p.m. newscasts.




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