Outdoor Show: Sun Apr 19Open Line Fun Sunday keeps the conversation lively. From fishing line to kayak fishing to how the rain has changed to fishing, the Captains cover almost everything!
Outdoor Show: Sat Jan 10Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie are joined in studio by Will Kirkpatrick. The long time Sam Rayburn pro guide brings his years of fresh water experience to the show.
Outdoor Show: Thurs Dec 11It's a magical time of the year along the Gulf Coast. Not just because it's Christmastime but because the fish are biting, the birds are flying and the deer are plentiful! Get the latest on the outdoors with Captain Mickey and the pro guides he trusts.
Outdoor Show: Sun June 8It was a "knotty" morning with the Captains on the Outdoor Show. Open Line Fun Sunday brings out the stories, questions and first hand reports from pros and folks who just love to get out on the water.

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