Houston Business Owner Helps Employees Feel Part Of Something Bigger"To be a successful entrepreneur, the best experience someone can receive is learning how to overcome the obstacles that will come your way and still remaining confident," says Ric Trahan.
Houston Professional Uses Social Knowledge To Help Create Mystery FictionKnowing how people think and the history behind many cultural events can give you an interesting perspective as a writer. If you're creative and love storytelling, becoming a novelist may be something you should try.
Houston Lawyer Excels At Finding Solutions For Current ProblemsAttending law school gave me the necessary tools and connections I needed to start my career. It also tested my ability to handle stress, an intense workload, etc.
Houston Financial Professional Wants To Help Others Learn About InvestingThe world of finances and savings can be very complicated and difficult to understand if you don't have a background in it, but everyone should still try to save money for retirement or another situation where you may need it.
Houston Computer Programmers Are Now In High-DemandThe world of business and how we consume entertainment and information has been greatly changed by the advent of computers and other incredible personal technologies.
Houston Technology Professional Works To Keep Data Safe In The CloudThe lack of physical connection to your data can be problematic at times, but it also helps to prevent data loss in times of natural disasters.
Hotel Managers Have Great Prospects In HoustonWorking in a hotel can be a unique way to see and interact with many people from different professions, parts of the country, and walks of life.
Houston Technology Recruiter Helps Companies Find The Best Tech WorkersWorking in the technology sector requires you to maintain an understanding of current trends and knowledge of how technology can integrate into the business world.
Houston Educator Knows "All Kids Can Learn"Working with young children to learn the skills they will need to succeed in school and life can be extremely rewarding.
Dental Hygienists Have A Great Outlook In HoustonYou don't have to have an aching tooth or a problem with your gums to want to go and see your dentist anymore - getting your teeth cleaned is a good way to keep yourself healthy.
Houston Education Professional Reaches Her Students Through WritingWorking in education to help students become better readers and improve their self-esteem can be very rewarding
Recruiters Help Houstonians Find Good JobsRecruiters have flexible job options. They can work for themselves as a freelancer, as an employee of a particular company or division, or for a staffing agency.

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