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Seattle Seahawks v Houston Texans

The Obituary For The Texans Season

The 2013 Houston Texans died on Sunday, October 13, in a stampede at the hands of often harmless Rams. Child of Bob McNair, the Texans succumbed to their mostly self-inflicted internal injuries, including multiple gunshots […]


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Take Matt Schaub And Cut Him

Here’s the the newest single from the song writing duo of Innes and Mudd. We debuted it on J&R.



J&R Prank a MaD Radio Caller

Ron from NE Houston was a good sport when we stole his call to MaD Radio.


File photo of an obese person being weighed at a doctor's office. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

It’s hard to believe that I’m almost at triple digits. When I started with The Quick Weight Loss Center I had a total weight loss goal of 160 lbs. That was 5 1/2 months ago. […]



Hugs From A Middle School Girl

My little girl turns 12 today. Dani is a beautiful young lady. She’s sweet and always thinks of others first. I have to admit, she gets those traits from her mother. What she gets from […]


chocolate candies

Bite Me, Chocolate – Facing My Weakness Right In The Wrapper

Jim Mudd likse chocolate everything. He’ll eat anything that has chocolate.


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QWLC Saved Me From My LIfe As A Zombie

I’m not here to debate the existence of zombies or the impending zombie apocalypse.


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SportsRadio 610′s Jim Mudd Blogging His Way To Skinny

Hi. I’m Jim Mudd, and I’m a fatty.


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WWE Super Hottie To Blow Meltser A Kiss On Smackdown

WWE Diva Champion Layla joins MaD Radio. She promises to blow Mike a kiss on Smackdown next week.


Fans of the Houston Texans celebrate against the Cincinnati Bengals. (credit: Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)

Crazy Things We’ve Done When Our Teams Have Lost

Some sports fans handle losses of their favorite teams the same way they’d handle any other ordinary inconvenience or less-than-perfect scenario. Eh? Whatever.