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Blue Bell Says It’s Still Trying To Pinpoint Listeria Cause

A massive recall has brought more attention and put more pressure on a century-old Texas ice cream company that has been searching to discover how its products became linked to a deadly string of listeria cases.


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Blue Bell Prodcuts Recalled From All Stores

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Blue Bell Creameries has recalled all its products from store shelves after Listeria has killed three people in Kansas and stricken more in recent months.  Blue Bell was slowly pulling a […]

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Blue Bell Suspends Operations At Oklahoma Ice Cream Plant

Blue Bell Ice Cream announced Friday that it has suspended operations at an Oklahoma production facility that officials had previously connected to a foodborne illness linked to the deaths of three people.


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Jim Mudd Loves Dairy Queen. Loves It!

Missed the Jim Mudd Minute? You suck! Redeem yourself and listen to the podcast.



Top Milkshakes In Houston

Grab your family and friends and get ready to eat your way through Houston’s best milkshakes.


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National Ice Cream Day!

Sunday marks “National Ice Cream Day” and is a “holiday” that many of us celebrate on a regular basis!


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Best Cold Treats In Houston

Banish the heat and humidity in Houston with cold treats from the best places in town.