TTYM: Watch DeAndre Jordan ‘Fart’ On People And Braylon Edward’s Twitter Fail

In this week’s That Thing You Missed:  A brawl breaks out at Macho Comacho’s funeral, Braylon Edwards cooks his goose with a Tweet And DeAndre Jordan enjoys using a fart machine on people in his […]


(credit: Anna-Megan Raley/CBS Houston)

Plump: Hoosiers Was Loosely Based On His Life

Bobby Plump, the inspiration for the character Jimmy Chitwood in Hoosiers, explains how closely the movie’s script followed real life.



Blast from the past: Lopez on real-life Hoosiers

Courtesy of Chronicle Archives: (from April 1, 2006) MILAN, Ind. – You can’t see the Final Four from here, but you can feel it. The impossible becoming possible surrounds you, from the Lions Club welcome […]