The Home Show wth Tom Tynan: Sun Dec 2The Home Show with Tom Tynan has been Houston's #1 home repair and improvement show for a quarter century! Tom takes your calls and answers your questions about all your honey do's!
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Nov 10Home repair, home improvement and your basic honey do! Tom Tynan covers all this and more each weekend on the Home Show at Sports Radio 610. Tom answers all your questions on home issues.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sun Aug 26Home repairs, home improvements, honey dos - and don'ts - are all covered by Tom Tynan. Plus all the little quirks Tom is known for are all here on Sports Radio 610.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sun July 1Hour one on Sunday is always willed with advice from the home pros Tom Tynan trusts. Then it's two hours of your phone calls on all things for your home repair and improvements. Fuse boxes, rotting floors, remodeling old's all covered here.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sun March 25Sundays Tom Tynan starts with helpful tips from some professional home improvement expercts from the Houston area. Then it's two hours of Tom taking calls from Sports Radio 610 weekend home repair warriors!
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat March 17Questions, answers, tips...Houston's favorite home improvement guru, Tom Tynan, answers all your calls this morning.
Home Show With Tom Tynan: Dec. 11Tom Tynan talks about fireplaces, cooler weather impacts on your home, door hinges, cabinets, and more.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Oct 1Tom talks home improvment again this weekend. Hot water heaters, jackhammers and termites! Houston's favorite home improvment guru fixes you right up.

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