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Does Home Field Matter: Divisional Round Edition

Last week, we looked at whether or not home field advantage matters in the Wild Card Round (home teams lost three of four), lets examine the importance of home field in divisional round, as the […]

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Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers

Does Home Field Advantage Even Matter This Week?

This is the 12th season of the four-division setup in each conference. It has drastically changed the playoffs because there is one less wild card, and it pretty much makes it impossible to play a […]

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Joe Fortenbaugh Says Houston a Tough Place to Win

National Football Post’s Joe Fortenbaugh joins Fred and Dan to discuss his column on the reality of home field advantage.

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Home-gate: The Ultimate Home Field Advantage

Whether it’s a road game, living far away from your squad or simply wanting to get some usage out of the massive entertainment center you’ve dropped a month & half worth of your pay on…


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Tobias Moskowitz

Tobias Moskowitz joined Mike and Eric Winston to talk about his new book Scorecasting. They discuss many of the things that fans have often believed but have now been proven true, such as the home field advantage.

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