Cities In Red States Push Federal Health Plan Republican governors and legislatures in about two dozen states are refusing cooperation with the roll-out of the health overhaul, but some local governments are trying to fill the gap, working with nonprofit organizations, hospitals and churches leading the outreach.
Louisiana Forces Homeless Shelter To Destroy $8,000 Worth Of Deer MeatLouisiana’s State Health Department forced a homeless shelter to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because it was donated from a hunter organization.
Brownsville Burger King Playground Shut Down Due To Rat InfestationThe playground at a Brownsville Burger King has been shut down due to a rat infestation.
Houston Mayor Proposes New Safeguards For Charitable FeedingThe changes would also aim to protect the rights of private property owners who often have to deal with trash and other issues left behind.
HISD, Health Dept Investigate Mystery Football Illnesses“We want to ensure that every precaution is taken to prevent this from happening again.” - Chief Operating Officer, Leo Bobadilla

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