Harris County Sheriff’s Office

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Sheriff Following Darren Goforth’s Death: ‘Cops’ Lives Matter, Too’

“We’ve heard Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter. Well, cops’ lives matter, too,” Ron Hickman said Saturday. “Why don’t we just drop the qualifier and say, ‘Lives Matter.’”


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Woman Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Officer Conducting Cavity Search To Look For Pot

A woman claims she was sexually assaulted by a sheriff’s deputy while having a body cavity search performed on her after authorities said they smelled marijuana in her car.


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Man Charged In Houston-Area Slayings Of 6 People

A suspect in a Houston-area shooting spree that left six people dead and one hurt has been charged with capital murder in the apparent domestic dispute.


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Woman ‘Floated’ From Car Alive After Being Submerged In Lake For Nearly An Hour

Emergency personnel say an air pocket has saved the life of a driver who “floated” from her car after the vehicle was in Lake Houston for about 45 minutes.


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Authorities: Father Fatally Shot Teen Boy After Daughter Snuck Him Into Her Room

Authorities say a father shot dead a 17-year-old boy his daughter snuck into her bedroom after she told him he was an intruder.


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High Schools Boost Security Following Deadly Party Shooting

Security is being boosted and grief counselors provided by a suburban Houston school district following a shooting at a house party that left two teenagers dead.


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Detectors To Remain Rest Of Year At Texas School

Metal detectors will remain in use for the rest of the school year after at a suburban Houston school where a student was fatally stabbed last week.


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HCSO: ‘Substance Sprayed Inside Walmart’

On Monday, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a substance was sprayed inside of a Harris County Walmart store, which prompted an evacuation of the store.


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Injured Deputy Sues Homeowner Who Made 911 Call

A Houston-area deputy is suing the family of a man he fatally shot following a 911 call last year, alleging he and others who responded were not properly warned about the danger they faced.


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HCSO: ‘Suspect Charged In Deputy-Involved Shooting’

According to officials with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, investigators charged one of four suspects in the deputy involved shooting that happened Sunday, August 12.