Video: J&R Show Gets A Boob Job!!!!Josh, Rich, Laura and Ben all tested out two different types of breast implants. Listen to this hilarious audio!
Dirty Laundry: Men Vs. WomenJ&R debate an article which states that men vs. women's cleaning habits. How often do you wash your sheets? Is wearing underwear two days in a row acceptable? Give us your answers!
Koch's Court Is In Session! Greg Koch squares off against a listener in the first ever edition of Koch's Court!
Top 10: Things Men Do That Turn Women Off J&R, Laura, Greg and Ben talk about's article on the "Top 10 Things That Men Do That Turn Women Off". What do you think turns women off the most?
Love Connection! Featuring Justin The Intern & TaniaJ&R Show's intern (Justin) is desperate for love. Luckily, the WolfPack are matchmakers! Listen to the epic love connection between Justin the Intern and Tania!
Relationship Dilemma: Six-Month AnniversaryBen is facing a dilemma with his girlfriend. They've been dating for six months and doesn't know how to celebrate their "anniversary". Flowers, candy or a present? He needs your help!
Do You Have A Crazy Girlfriend?Two NFL players have been stabbed by their girlfriends in the past week. Do you have a girlfriend capable of stabbing you? A few callers give their best "crazy girlfriend" stories.
Mike Meltser Gets A Date?!?The Wolves schemed a way for Meltser to get a date with one of our female co-workers. Hilarity ensues.
Has Your Woman Brainwashed You?Josh, Rich, Greg and Ben discuss's article on the Top 10: Ways Women Have Brainwashed Men. Have you been brainwashed?
Define CheatingJosh Innes from J&R discusses an interesting story with ND Kalu, Greg Koch and Ben Nance about what constitutes cheating in a relationship? What defines "cheating" in your relationship?
Have You Showered In Your Underwear?Josh Innes from J&R says that everyone on his basketball team in high school showered in their underwear! ND Kalu joins Josh in H-Town and Beyond to discuss the controversial topic. Did you shower in your underwear in high school?
H-Town & Beyond- Valentine's Day Conundrum?A girlfriend of one of Josh's friends received a bouquet of flowers at work. She text his buddy and said "Thanks, I love the flowers!" Problem is, Josh's pal didn't send the flowers! What should his friend do?

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