Outdoors Show: Sun April 21
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The Outdoors Show: Friday Feb. 22nd, 2013
Outdoors Show: Sat Sept 10Hunting season already? Yes, pros from around the region call the Captains to talk about shooting teal on opening day! The fishing never ends along the Gulf and the pros tell us where and how to catch them.
Outdoors Show: Sat Aug 20Time to open up those gun cases! Hunting season is just around the corner Captain Bennie calls some hunting pros to get a jump start on your dove hunting! And we still get a few fish tales from the pros around the area.
Outdoors Show: Sat Aug 13Who hates kids!? Not the Captains. But it was one of the biggest laughs of the monring. But seriously, find out about fishing along the Gulf Coast - fresh and salt water.

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