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What Happens When We Don’t Go Green

From numbers standpoint, the harm done to the planet is quite surprising.


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Stanford Scientists Develop Batteries That Are Greener, Last Longer Than Today’s Batteries

Scientists at Stanford University said they have developed a high-performance aluminum-ion battery that could replace the alkaline and lithium-ion batteries that are used to power devices today.


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Top Ways To Make An Office Green (And Save Money)

Going green in your office can do more than just create a healthier environment, it can also create a healthier bottom line.


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Think Green Thursday: ‘Going Green’ In The Bedroom!

When it comes to “thinking green”, you can do so in just about every room in your home. Today, I will share ways I have “gone green” in my bedroom and encourage you to follow suit!


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Think Green Thursday: Car Emission Facts

Chances are you are aware of the poisonous gasses your car emits, but have no idea as to what extent.


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Think Green Thursday: Going Green With Summer Activities

When it comes to celebrating summer with outdoor activities, one can also celebrate the goodness of our earth!


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Think Green Thursday: Going Green With Summer Fun!

Summer is upon us and efforts to improve our environment even in the good ole’ summer time can still be beneficial!


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Think Green Thursdays: Going Green To Clean!

When you clean, what you use makes a difference in terms of environmental health. The harshest of chemicals can help give your home a sparkling shine, but are you cleaning at a high health cost?


Stop EVERYTHING! Time to make a PBJ

Going Green Gone Bad: Lazy Recycling Lady

I see the recycling lady and take my boxes down to her truck. She says, “can’t do anything now, I’m on my lunch break.”


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How To Conserve Water

There are many ways to conserve water by reducing usage, recycling and reusing.

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