Texas Student Says Teacher Told Class That God Doesn't ExistA seventh-grade student in Texas says her teacher asked the class to deny that God exists.
'Duck Dynasty' Star: 'It's All A Spiritual Warfare'“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson calls criticism of his comments about homosexuality part of a “spiritual warfare.”
'Duck Dynasty' Star: 'I Don't Know What People Do When They Don't Have God In Their Life'“Duck Dynasty” star Silas Robertson doesn’t understand how people don’t believe in God.
Man Says God Spoke To Him, Saw Angels While Unconscious In HospitalA man who suffered a heart attack and was kept alive by machines says God spoke to him while he was unconscious.
Opinion: Jamie Foxx's Obama Is Our Lord And Savior Remark Is Ridiculous And DisturbingNo one can equate to God. And, it’s about time someone stood up to Jamie Foxx and his ilk to teach them that – or at least try to teach them that.
Gov. Perry: God Forgives People For 'Oops Moments'Gov. Rick Perry says God forgives people for their "oops moments," even if voters don't.
Tebow A Terrible Quarterback But A Great Football PlayerTim Tebow has become a conundrum that neither defensive coordinators nor fans can quite put their fingers on. On one hand he wins, and like every Vince Young supporter will tell you that is all that matters.

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