File photo of a thermometer registering a cold temperature. (Photo by KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Cold Snap Knocks Texas Electric Generators Offline

January’s polar vortex knocked several important coal-fired electricity plants offline, and the Sierra Club says the loss of power shows the need for more wind turbines and energy conservation programs.


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Home Show With Tom Tynan: Dec. 4

Tom Tynan discusses a range of topics with callers including flooring, generators, water purification, insulation and more.


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Home Show With Tom Tynan: Aug. 28

Tom Tynan discusses several topics with callers including water pressure, staining wood, pool building options, and issues with water filters.



Outdoors Show: Sunday, July 31

This fun Sunday, Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie talk about shark fishing, generators, gun regulations, and shrimp with the Sunday sickos.


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Home Show With Tom Tynan: June 19

Tom Tynan covered several topics with callers including types of pipes, hose maintenance, generators, types of pools, and the impact of the drought on your home.


Home Show with Tom Tynan: May 1

Tom Tynan hits on several topics including roofing, generators, maintenance for old houses, foundation problems, and air conditioning.