Best Fantasy Football Team Names 2016It's that time of year again. Everyone will be gathering this weekend to pick their fantasy football teams. (If you're like me and draft with a teacher as commissioner you have to draft in mid-August and it sucks). But one thing that can help your team, even if you draft poorly, is having a solid team name.
Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig's Lifetime Movie Is Happening...AgainFollowing reports that comedic duo Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were axing a planned Lifetime movie, a poster for the upcoming film debuted in Hollywood.
5 Best NFL Memes This Week
Whole Team Pranks Jeff Francoeur; Convinces Him Teammate Is DeafWhen Francoeur arrived with the team, the other players, manager and coaches orchestrated an elaborate hoax on the veteran player. The entire team, and we mean everyone, told Francoeur that relief pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. Couldn't hear, at all. Reyes has no hearing problems at all.
The Humor Code’s Five Best Comedy Clubs In The USWhile traveling the world exploring the science of what makes things funny, we stumbled on an important question: What makes a good comedy club? According to many of the comics we interviewed, a “good room” is one that’s dimly lit, densely packed, with hard chairs, low ceilings, a red curtain, and nothing at all that’s blue.
WATCH: Mike Tyson Gives Evander Holyfield His Ear BackIn the latest Foot Locker commercial Kyrie Irving touts that all is right in the world because of the "Week of Greatness." The week of greatness apparently means that some of the greatest delimas in sports are fixed.
Idaho Sports Anchor Nails Halloween Report As Ron Burgandy
Cardinals Fan Makes The Worst Song Ever?
WATCH: LA Kings Goalie Score On HimselfJonathan Quick proved why he is not on the ice for his stick handling capabilities on Monday, kicking a cleared puck into his own net.
Boob Grab Derails Red Sox Broadcast
Will Ferrell NBA Lineup AnnouncementsWatch as comedian Will Ferrell does the intros to the Bulls-Hornets game
Broadcaster Hit By Soccer Ball On AirMike Meltser links to a funny video of a soccer announcer being nailed by a ball, live on TV!

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