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Outdoor Show: Thursday Sept 19

Tropical storms and potential hurricanes are hanging in the Gulf. The weather is going to be changing for the worst in the next couple days. But Captain Mickey and his pro guide guess still know how to catch fish when the rain hits. You can get the latest reports here on the longest running Outdoor Show in the country!

SportsRadio 610–09/19/2013

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Outdoor Show: Thursday Sept 12

Captain Mickey starts the outdoor fun for the week with the Thursday Outdoor Show. The pros from around the region call in to give you the latest. Make sure your fishing or hunting trip is successful with their first hand reports.

SportsRadio 610–09/12/2013

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Outdoor Show: Friday Sept 06

Captain Mickey talks to the pros around the area about how to make the most out of your outdoor experience this weekend. What lures are catching the big ones now? They know and you will too if you catch the Outdoor Show. Oh and weather conditions, the latest on the possible alligator attack and some bird shootin’, too!

SportsRadio 610–09/06/2013

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Outdoor Show: Sat July 13

Saturday mornings the Captains get the latest fishing reports from trusted guides from around the region. Fresh water, salt water, wade fishing…whatever you plan on doing this weekend The Outdoor Show is the place to get the best fishing information.

SportsRadio 610–07/13/2013

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Outdoor Show: Sat March 2

Captain Mickey and Captain Benny talk a little fishin’, a little huntin’ and a lot of cooking this morning. Seems everyone has their favorite sausage, catfish recipe or gravy. You never know what part of the outdoors they’ll discuss with the pros around the area. And don’t forget tomorrow is Open Line Fun Sunday!

SportsRadio 610–03/02/2013

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Outdoor Show: Sat Dec 8

On Saturday the Outdoor Show with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie gets you ready for your weekend outdoor adventure. From info on the best coolers to boarder patrol technology the pros the Captains talk to this morning will keep you informed.

SportsRadio 610–12/08/2012


Outdoors Show: Sunday, Nov 11

Open line Sunday, Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie take and answer your calls. They answer a wide array of questions from, where is a good place for Fresh water fishing spots to the gill popping […]

SportsRadio 610–11/11/2012


Outdoor Show: Thurs Aug 23

Captain Mickey talks about the water spout in the bay, the conditions around the area and the upcoming weekend forcast for fishing. Answers to your questions of all things outdoors is here on Sports Radio 610.

SportsRadio 610–08/23/2012


Outdoor Show: Sat Aug 11

There are a LOT of colors to choose from when it comes to bait. The Captains and their pro guide guests tell you which work best and where. They also cover the possible increase cost of deer corn for the upcoming hunting season. The Outdoor Show is the Houston authority for all things outdoor related.

SportsRadio 610–08/11/2012


Outdoor Show: Sat July 14

Captain Mickey flies solo this morning so he calls on his pro guide friends from around the Gulf for some 1st hand information on fishing. Whether you need weather, location or tackle advice we’ve got it,.

SportsRadio 610–07/14/2012