How To Survive A Long Flight

Make a few plans ahead of time and pack accordingly to ensure you survive your upcoming long flight.


File photo of Southwest plane. (credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Southwest Plans To Begin Flights To Belize

Southwest Airlines expects to begin flights to Belize City next year as it expands international service.



Uncovered: The Best Time To Buy The Cheapest Plane Ticket

A recent study pinpoints the best time to buy the cheapest airline tickets. Read on for tips on booking your next vacation on a budget.


A man reviews the arrival flights and cancellations after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. (credit: Getty Images)

Texas Sees Minimal Sandy Flight Disruptions

Hurricane Sandy scrapped scheduled flights to and from the Northeast but caused minimal scheduled disruptions at the two major airline hubs in Texas.


Due to sick pilots and an increase in maintenance reports, American Airlines plans to cancel 300 flights this week. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

American Airlines: If Pilots Don’t End Disrupting Flights It Will Take The Union To Court

American Airlines says if pilots don’t end actions that are disrupting its flights it will take the union to court.