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Outdoor Show: Thurs Feb 27

The weather is doing a roller coaster thing for the next few days – rain, sun, wind, cold, warm. See how that is and will effect the fishing over the weekend. Captain Mickey talks to pros around the region getting the latest details about the great outdoors.

SportsRadio 610–02/27/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sun Feb 23

Open Line Fun Sunday gives all the early morning sickos a chance to get their outdoor questions answered by the pros. Classic boats, seasickness, littering and some detailed advice on leader and knots.

SportsRadio 610–02/23/2014


Outdoors Show: Sat Feb 22

Mickey & Bennie in and rocking rolling early giving you the reports on the gulf coast you need. Mickey shares his dislike of those pesky potlickers and hey do you use drones to hunt, well […]

SportsRadio 610–02/22/2014

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Outdoor Show: Fri Feb 21

A beautiful weekend is in store and Captain Mickey has the latest reports from pros around the region to make sure your outing successful. Where the fish are biting and what they are biting on…the answers are here on the Outdoor Show. Plus there’s some good advice on line disposal and crab trap removal.

SportsRadio 610–02/21/2014

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Outdoor Show: Thurs Feb 20

Beautiful Springlike weather has made the fishing a lot better. Captain Mickey talks about warmer water, hungry fish and other outdoor stuff with the pros he trusts from around the region.


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Outdoor Show Sun Feb 9

Everything from Captain Mickey’s gumbo recipe to gun cleaning and yappy dogs, it’s Open Line Fun Sunday on Sports Radio 610.

SportsRadio 610–02/09/2014

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Outdoor Show: Fri Feb 7

Learn something about the great outdoors on each Outdoor Show. This morning besides the usual reports from pros around the area on the water, fish and weather Captain Mickey goes over how TPW designates fish as sports fish and goes over the TPW fish limits again.

SportsRadio 610–02/07/2014

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Outdoor Show: Thurs Feb 6

The weather is just crazy. Another cold front is coming and the water will get colder and the fish will change patterns again. Catch ‘em anyway with advice and reports from the pros Captain Mickey trusts.

SportsRadio 610–02/06/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sun Feb 2

Name your favorite pistol, your rifle of choice or your dream gun purchase. The early morning sickos discuss this, the antique tackle show coming up, slime removal and all things outdoors today. Put on your shock collar it’s open line fun Sunday with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie.

SportsRadio 610–02/02/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sat Feb 1

The new fish limits are still a hot topic among the pros in the area. The Captains discuss this and how the current conditions effect your fishing this weekend. Hour 1 Mobile device users may […]

SportsRadio 610–02/01/2014