Outdoors Show: Thu July 18
Outdoors Show Hour 2 5/4/12
Outdoors Show Hour 1 5/4/12
Outdoors Show Hour 2 5/3/12
Outdoors Show Hour 1 5/3/12
Outdoors Show: Sat Feb 25The Captains get in touch with many of the other professional fishing guides around the Gulf Coast to give you the best advice for a successful fishing outing this weekend. Plus, we heard some big fish stories!
Outdoors Show: Sat Feb 5With all the rainfall we've been having lately the Captains discuss fishing on the changing lake levels. They also get into an interesting conversation about surpressors on hunting weapons in the final hour. It's all about the Outdoors and your enjoyment of it on the Sports 610 Outdoors Show with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie.
Outdoors Show: Sunday, May 15Captain Bennie talks about weather conditions, the surf, tides, and fish migration.
Outdoors Show: Sunday, May 1The captains hit on several topics including hurricane preparations, survival tips, and fishing questions
Outdoors Show: Sunday, Apr. 17The captains hit on several topics including wade fishing, jetties, Galveston, old times, and turtles.
Outdoors Show: Sunday, Apr. 10

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